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YOPAT (Youth Outreach for Performing Arts & Technology) has the unwavering goal to help youth learn, grow and achieve through “The Art of Performing”.

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YOPAT INC. is a not-for-profit youth media arts and technology enrichment center founded in 2006 by SuSu Stewart; with a vision to empower youth through multimedia arts education and to meet the demands of the community for after-school programming that helps prepare young people for the digital and technical future. With the experience and expertise of YOPAT’s staff in education, multimedia, production and business management, within a year, the team successfully developed the organization from a two-person operation to one that now has staff of 10 and close to 50 young participants. YO-PAT focuses intensively on YMEDIA… Multimedia has been the growing role and importance of electronic, TV, the Internet and MP3 players for young people and adults alike. With the ever-increasing popularity of the cellphones, ipods, computers and its new technology being developed every day, the opportunity abounds to create and distribute positive media messages across multiple platforms. Incorporating music to film * Television commercials / jingles * Audio production * Industrial and music videos * Public service announcements * Voice-over Cinematographers * Story development * Raw footage into a short documentary * Creative producers * Nonfiction filmmakers * Camera operation * Narrative structure for host/hostess Final cut pro editing * Sound techies * Lighting * Camera Focus

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YOPAT will foster digital culture programs that will help youth develop a passion for technology and media arts. Our goal is to inspire and educate young people with hands-on experience. By acquiring technological skills, it will enable them to be productive in the arts and help them reach their goals. We will motive and enlighten young people who are on the forefront of media art, by communicating through the application of technology equipment and information in their daily lives. Our mission is to partner with existing community organizations and non-profit organization to join existing resources. Particularly those focused on providing technology and performing arts access to youth and communities.